Anti-Corruption Research and Education Centre is the first Research and Education Interdisciplinary Centre, where corruption is studied as a socio-political phenomenon; preventive methods against supportive to corruption environment and counteracting its effects are taught systematically.

Interdisciplinary Research and Education Centre was founded by Anticorruption Action Centre, Transparency International Ukraine and National University of ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’ in July 2015.

First of all, the Center was established in order to carry out interdisciplinary research and launch of academic studying in counteracting the corruption.

The main goal of the team of the Centre is introduction of short and long term interdisciplinary practically oriented training programs for good governance and creation of open society in Ukraine.

The first educational program for Masters of Law – course ‘Corruption, public policy and society’- started in autumn 2015.

The next task of the Centre is to involve not only students but National Anti-Corruption Bureau detectives, investigators, judges, state servants, and journalists in systematic practical training in aforementioned area.

The Centre is coordinated by Oksana Nesterenko.

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